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Destination Zero at Forest Traffic Management

Like many of our clients, and leading temporary traffic management companies, we place high priority on creating an environment free from risk and focused on zero lost time for injury. This is why we have introduced Destination Zero: Home Safe Every Day.

Destination Zero gives us a measureable way of ensuring that we continue to make the traffic management industry a safer environment to work. This means a journey, which will result in:

  • Staff members, and all of those that work with us, operating within an environment free from serious injury or harm. They will have the trust in us, plus a personal commitment to Destination Zero, so they can safely carry out their duties and return home to their families without injury.
  • Our clients knowing and believing they are working with a company with integrity and values when it comes to health, safety and best practice; where caring for our staff, their staff and the public is of utmost importance on every site.
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