Health, Safety & Welfare Policy Statement

Forest Traffic Services recognise our responsibilities as an employer to prevent injury and ill health, thereby ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all of our employees whilst at work and that the rights of other individuals are not adversely affected by our work activities.

We are committed to a system of continual improvement with regard to our health & safety performance that is based upon the setting, achieving and reviewing of objectives and targets which ensure that, at least, we achieve compliance with the statutory obligations incumbent upon us. In so doing, we recognise the importance of hazard identification and the risk assessment processes in the setting of our objectives and our pro-active health & safety management approach.

Forest Traffic Services also recognise the importance of involving our staff in the management processes and undertake both to involve them in issues that affect health & safety and inform, train and supervise them with regard to their responsibilities under current health & safety legislation.

Overall responsibility for the maintenance and development of our management system however rests with senior management of Forest Traffic Services. Senior management will ensure the regular setting and reviewing of objectives and the provision of adequate resource to allow our objectives to be achieved.

All aspects of our health & safety policy are subject to regular management review and all related processes and procedures are subject to on-going audit.

In this way, each and every individual has a vital and specific role in maintaining Forest Traffic Services’ safety standard.

Where necessary, we will seek professional and competent advice on the conduct of our health & safety programme.

We will ensure that our health & safety policy is relevant to the purpose of the business, and commit to at least complying with all relevant legislation and any other requirements to which we subscribe. A copy of our policy will be made available to interested parties upon request.

We will strive to match and exceed industry best practices and to continually improve our health & safety management system’s effectiveness. Health and safety will not be compromised for any other objective.

Workplace & Welfare Facilities

Forest shall ensure that all workplaces meet the Health, Safety and Welfare needs of all members of the workforce.

This will include providing:

  • Sufficiently ventilated enclosed work areas
  • A reasonable comfortable temperature in work rooms without the need for special clothing
  • Suitable and adequate lighting
  • Adequate space for employees within workrooms
  • Suitable floor and traffic routes, free from uneven and slippery surfaces
  • Sufficient number of sanitary conveniences and washing facilities
  • A supply of drinking water
  • Provision of accommodation for clothing to store workers own clothing
  • Facilities for changing to / from work clothes
  • Facilities for rest and to eat meals

Signed for and on behalf of Forest Traffic Services Ltd:

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Name: Ross Williams
Position: Managing Director
Date: 1st June 2021


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