A programme of innovation that focuses on health and safety is a key part of our Destination Zero thinking. Below, we introducing some of our latest innovations and trials, designed to support our journey to risk-free temporary traffic management. This will continue to evolve to ensure it challenges any known issues.


IPV Cameras:

Through the use of CCTV in and around Impact Protection Vehicles, we are able to document and analyse life on the road for our staff and driver behaviour around our vehicles, with a view to keeping them safe. Based on these findings, we are aiming to find ways to make improvements through additional health and safety innovations. This will also allow us to document any incidents and provide accurate information to mitigate blame.

Early warning systems for IPV

We are researching the installation of this system, placed on the rear of the IPV that will sound an alarm and/or flash to indicate a vehicle is within 100m. This will help our staff to clear the area if a vehicle is set on a collision course. We want to get them out of harm’s way as soon as possible.


LED Stop/Go Boards

These innovative Stop/Go boards use LED technology, flashing on the stop side, to increase driver awareness. In addition they have CCTV and GPS built into them, so we can record behaviour of both public and staff. CCTV on site has proven to reduce the likelihood of conflict and improved driver behaviour when approaching the works when supported with advance signing to inform them that they are being monitored. It’s early days and this product needs to be approved, but contractors using them have had excellent feedback.


LED Protective Work Wear

In conjunction with BalfourBeatty MottMcDonald Area 4 we have been trialling FHOSS LED PPE. Trials are still on-going, but initial feedback, especially relating to the trousers which have an LED band around the bottom lighting up a 1m circle around operative’s feet, are positive. The trousers may stop slip, trips and fall injuries and the vests improve operative visibility to passing traffic, noticeably making passers-by slow down.

Helmet and Badge Cameras

We want to deter abuse, and improve risk, by understanding and monitoring public behaviour when approaching traffic management. The helmet mounted and badge mounted CCTV units under trial can assist with this, proving to be a deterrent to what could be abusive members of the public. This in turn, improves public behaviour when approaching works and will record valuable footage should an incident occur.

New Boots

For comfort, safety and durability, we will be introducing Goliath footwear for staff, so they will have improved quality, warmth and dryness.

Staff forums and training

We hold regular forums, training and auditing programmes that focus on:

  1. Staff being able to impart knowledge, concerns or information with regard to health and safety improvements. These are management led, in order to drive change.
  2. Improving working practices onsite, whether personal behaviour, or skills and knowledge.

The Forum is an opportunity to get 360 feedback, for the company to listen to and engage with staff to resolve issues through innovation, best practice, open and honest communication. Quite often the best ideas will come from those doing the work on the ground and we want to hear from them.