Local Authority Highways

We work in partnership with contractors to provide traffic management services for a wide range of local authorities from Powys to Kent…

We specialise in local authority works, with long-standing relationships working on council framework contracts such as Bristol City, South Gloucestershire, Hampshire and many more.

These are the most complicated to design and manage because every road and junction is different, and pedestrians are a major consideration along with dealing with members of the public and local businesses.

We engage with stakeholders at the earliest opportunity in a pro-active and collaborative manner, resolving issues and implementing and managing works to the highest standards of customer service.

On 1 July 2015 my car broke down… I had no signal on my phone and would have been totally stranded if your men hadn’t been there. I was on my own and it was getting foggy and dark.
Your men let me use their phones and allowed me to sit in their van to get warm and one of them got me a hot drink because I was freezing cold. These men would not accept any money for the use of their phones or the hot drink.
I will never forget these men who helped me and will forever be in their debt. These men are truly knights of the road and deserve a medal.
Could you please let them know that I am safely back home and say a big thank you to them from myself and my family.

Member of the public