High speed MVIS, VMS signs

As part of Forest’s commitment to ongoing developments, we have been trialling the latest high speed MVIS, VMS signs, the smaller of which received critical acclaim from Tfl for the part they played on the smooth running of the Olympic lanes.

With Hampshire County Council’s permission, working in partnership with Amey LG, who are the county term maintenance contractor, and Tarmac, VMS units displaying coloured text were used on the A31 near Bentley, Hampshire on the approach to a dual carriageway convoy working system.

The sign could clearly be seen at a distance. Whilst no data has been collected on this occasion, there was a noticable difference in traffic speed through the taper section of the works when the sign was switched on.

The use of 3 colours, red white and amber added extra clarity and married the colour of static signs.

Forest will be supporting further tests of MVIS VMS units and believe the benefit that units provide, with the extra flexibility offered with new colour technology and the ability to include GS4 symbols, enhances public perception and means they are better informed. Without doubt electronic VMS signs are read and responded to favourably over static signs, which are in reality often ignored.

Forest Traffic Management - Desination Zero